IAM Consulting

A high quality Identity & Access Governance Services will be provided by our IAM experts

IAM Assessment & Solutioning

We asses your environment to provide solutions fitting best to your organisation

Managed Security Services

Secure your IT Environment with our Managed Security Services

Web Design & Developement

Our experts will design your requisite to scale of your business

Features and Offerings

With integrated approach, We advise best possible solution in real-time,with proficient and effective design techniques, to implement secure and timely solutions along with exceptional support.

Identity Governance and Administration(IGA)

IGA is critical to any complex organization to meet necessary regulatory controls to protect organization's brand value and control access to their resources.
To optimize your business goals & IT ecosystem, We can help your organization effectively address today’s complex business challenges by balancing critical objectives:

  • Reduce risk and operational costs.
  • Improve compliance, audit performance and strengthen security.
  • Deliver fast, efficient access to the business.

Identity and Access Management(IAM) Assessment and Solutioning

Many organizations turn to identity management and IAM Solutions to increase productivity, securely enable access, and ensure that access is always compliant with regulations—such as SOX, HIPAA, or GDPR, to name a few.

Planning and executing an identity and access management (IAM) program that complies and meets your security, compliance and business agility goals can be complicated. We can help in finding/providing the best solution for your organization by going through your requirements and assessing your existing environment.

Managed IAM Services and Support

We provide reliable, durable, cost-effective support for your Identity and Access Management infrastructure and operations. We provide services to your business with highly skilled professionals to support your Identity and Access Management technology and process.

Privileged Access Management Consulting(PAM)

PAM helps to safeguard privileged access, users, and credentials against security breaches in your organization. PAM adds a layer of security to reduce risk, protect against external threats, and support compliance.

We can help you by providing an end-to-end PAM solution to secure any privileged access in your organization.

Cloud Identity and Access Management Consulting

Organizations must effectively address today’s complex business challenges while transforming. Cloud applications are crucial in today's operations for almost all organizations and to make a successful transformation to the cloud, it is necessary to meet compliance and to ensure security without business disruptions. While companies are becoming more comfortable with moving strategic and mission-critical applications into the cloud, it can feel overwhelming to consider solutions like identity as a service. We can help in providing cloud based IAM solutions as per your need or the one best fitted for your organization.

Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) Consulting

We can advise and implement end to end solutions for Customer identity and access management (CIAM) to your organization where you can securely capture and manage your external consumer identities and profile data, as well as control consumer access to applications and services. Our professional team can help in implementing the right solution for your organization.

Custom and Flexible Solutions

With our innovative ideas and expertise we can provide the customization to your Identity and Access Management solution as needed. Sometimes existing IAM implementations are needed to have some additional feature or functionality to support the business goals and strategies, We can provide such custom solutions to make our client's life easier.